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What is Showcase?

Showcase is Gresham, Smith and Partners' annual collection of employee-submitted projects, reviewed and selected by an external panel of judges. The program began as a response to internal discussions about “What is good design?”, and was initially built as a question for our project teams to answer. Since that time, it has challenged us to prove the value of our work, to tell better project stories, and to keep the ever-evolving discussions alive.

More than project recognition, Showcase is also an opportunity to congratulate each other for work well done. Good design is collaborative and multi-disciplinary, and Showcase exists to honor those who make it possible.


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How projects are chosen

Teams are asked to submit work they are proud of, built or unbuilt, in a format that chronicles a project's purpose and results:

  • Project purpose and scope
  • Client problems, goals, vision
  • Solutions, outcomes, evidence and value

Entries are judged by a mixed panel of external industry experts, clients, peers and members of academia, and top scoring projects are awarded inclusion in Showcase. Project teams are recognized internally at GS&P’s annual firm Celebration event, and externally through the Showcase website, book publication and social media.

I am sure that with time the method and outcome of the Showcase will change, but the intent never should — a collection that instills employee pride in our ability to deliver world class design services and facilitate success for the clients we serve. I am proud of this collection and look forward to many more years of successful design.

Congratulations to all the teams whose work is represented here.

- James Bearden, CEO


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