Improving the Connectivity of Your Community

From interstates and intersections to bridges and bike paths, transportation systems connect us to the people and places we care about most – and this idea drives the work we do at Gresham Smith. Our designs are grounded in safety and efficiency, pushing boundaries toward multi-modal, technology-driven solutions. Finding better ways of moving people and products requires specialized knowledge of policies, thoughtful planning and complex technical work. That’s how we live out our genuine desire to boost the quality of life within the context of each unique community.


We provide creative solutions focused on improving the connectivity of your community through solutions that support the safe and efficient movement of goods, services and people.


“My vision for the Tuscaloosa Regional Traffic Management Center was forming a team of people committed and passionate about the improvement of safety, mobility and commerce.  We continue to look beyond traditional methods and are not content with the status quo. We have cultivated partnerships in the public and private sector, which will help improve our regional transportation system for years to come.  I am very proud of what our team has been able to do and what the future holds.”

Nick Crane, Transportation Systems Management and Operations Manager, ALDOT

“The improvements made to this interchange eliminate several conflict points, provide elements of traffic calming and didn't require costly construction associated with adding additional lanes. Not having to construct a new bridge allowed the entire project to be constructed and open for use in less than a year. Motorists will enjoy highly efficient traffic movement this innovative solution offers due especially to the free flowing condition of the heavy left turn movement onto southbound US 129 Bypass.”

Andrew Sonner, P.E., City of Alcoa, Tennessee

“The 28th Avenue Connector is an important and beautifully designed road for our city. The bridge reconnects two vital parts of Nashville, which will accelerate economic activity around that area. With this project, we have set a new standard for how to design and construct a signature street in our city. It has turned out to be one of the most attractive thoroughfares in all of Nashville.”

Karl Dean, Mayor, City of Nashville

“Our mission with S.R. 840 was to improve connectivity between the communities near the route and to improve access to those areas from larger cities like Nashville and Murfreesboro, ultimately fueling economic growth. The ‘big picture’ of successful infrastructure is its ability to encourage the health, vitality and economic success of the communities and people it supports. We’re excited to see the growth spurred by the completion of S.R. 840 and we’re grateful to our partners and consultants who have brought this project to life.”

John Schroer, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Transportation

Team Members