Design with User Experience in Mind

We design spaces for learning, research and education with all users and stakeholders in mind—from places that enhance student-life experiences, to active learning environments, research laboratories and advanced technology facilities. Our extensive expertise across a wide range of design specialties, along with our processes built on a principle of inclusivity, delivers solutions that benefit both our clients and the communities we serve.


Moving the Needle: Creating Spaces That Promote Enrollment

The overall socioeconomic impacts associated with falling college enrollments must also be considered when exploring why higher education matters.


We deliver tailored solutions for education and research-focused spaces that support long-term durability and reflects the organization’s values.


“At the center of campus, it serves as an ideal, multipurpose area that is distinctly Vanderbilt in its function and appearance. It clearly demonstrates our efforts to provide students with the educational, organizational and lifestyle spaces they need to excel.”

Bob Grummon, Architect, Vanderbilt University

“Gresham Smith’s design is perfectly in tune with the high-energy student experience we want to provide. The student commons area and the sales and leasing office are vibrant and fresh with high-quality materials, conveying the professionalism of the services we provide to students while maintaining the modern, casual environment that defines our properties. The firm has added a great deal of value to our Charlotte apartments by working hard to understand both our company’s goals and the wishes of our renters.”

Rachel Kihn, Vice President, University House Communities

“We're pleased that Gresham Smith's design takes us to the next level and helps us stand out from the crowd. The new welcome center is exactly what we wanted: an expressive, aeronautics-inspired building in the heart of campus that helps our world-class university to better compete for students and funding.”

John P. Johnson, President and CEO, Embry-Riddle University