West Market Street represents one of Louisville’s most important connector roadways. The Corridor Improvement Study was intended to enhance the quality of life for corridor residents and business owners by outlining strategies to maximize the benefits from improvements and development projects in the area. Gresham Smith was asked to provide guidance for future land-use decisions and make specific recommendations for physical improvements to the streetscape.

In order to provide recommendations for physical improvements that could serve as a catalyst for redevelopment and reinvestment in the corridor, our planners had to understand how the corridor fit within three Louisville neighborhoods. They worked closely with a citizen advisory group and staff from Louisville’s Economic Development Department to complete a comprehensive inventory and analysis of the corridor, identifying four distinct “Character Districts” based on land uses and physical characteristics. A series of conceptual streetscape design improvements were then developed for each Character District that responded to their unique functions and physical attributes. Following an extensive public participation process, an implementation plan was produced consisting of recommended improvements, priorities, general sequencing, order of magnitude cost opinions, and identification of the responsible entities for implementation.

Based on the information we provided over the course of this 14-month project, $1.2 million in funding was secured for various improvements. Following the conclusion of the study, Gresham Smith was selected by the Louisville Metro Economic Development Department to produce detailed construction documents implementing the recommendations of the study.


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Louisville, Kentucky




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