The City of Grapevine Water Division provides drinking water for approximately 50,000 residents living in the Grapevine, Texas, area. To assist with compliance, Gresham Smith was asked to provide professional consulting services for the City of Grapevine Public Works Department to assess the risk and resilience of the City’s drinking water system.

Additionally, our team was tasked with updating the City’s Emergency Response Plan. Both components of this two-phase project were in accordance with the requirements of the American Water Infrastructure Act. The result of our recommendations not only equipped the City of Grapevine with a strong knowledge of risk and resiliency opportunities within their system, but also helped inform them on how to fortify the City’s assets against malevolent threats and natural hazards.


City of Grapevine Public Works


Grapevine, Texas

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phase project


risk & resilience assessment


emergency response plan update

Vital Feedback

Vital Feedback

Both the Risk and Resilience Assessment and the Emergency Response Plan update were outcomes of a series of workshops conducted by Gresham Smith in which our team gathered valuable feedback from City entities, including utilities, emergency response management, the City’s fire and police department, and local emergency planning committees. One key workshop brought together Public Works employees, operators, and maintenance personnel to help our team gain a better understanding of any areas of concern.
Putting Knowledge Into Action

Putting Knowledge Into Action

Informed by the workshops, the team compiled all of the City’s system assets and assessed risk, vulnerability, malevolent threats and natural hazards (such as severe drought conditions); evaluated cybersecurity risk and vulnerabilities; and developed the City’s Risk and Resilience Assessment Report using the American Water Works Association/Environmental Protection Agency’s guidance documents as well as the EPA’s Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool.

An extension of the Risk and Resilience Assessment, Gresham Smith’s updates to the City’s Emergency Response Plan were informed by some of the risks and opportunities identified in the assessment, and include potential systemwide threats and vulnerabilities to assets and their associated emergency response. The updated Emergency Response Plan is now informing the overarching citywide emergency-response update.


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