Tired of working out of leased spaces, a large manufacturer of inspection equipment desired its own manufacturing facility to consolidate more than 600 employees. Gresham Smith built a cross-market, cross-office, collaborative team, with employees from our Corporate + Urban Design, Industrial and Healthcare markets, to create a state-of-the-art space that maximizes the company’s efficiency and product flow while positioning them for future growth.


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cross-market, cross-office, collaborative team

Designed for Functionality, Flexibility & Collaboration

Designed for Functionality, Flexibility & Collaboration

Accented by clean lines, glass and steel, as well as thoughtful detailing inside and out, the contemporary yet timeless design allows the client to proudly showcase their building, their organization and their product to customers. The new facility elevates the company’s manufacturing capabilities with a much larger production area and first-class training and testing facilities, while providing a more open and collaborative environment for employees.

We worked closely with the client to make sure the building infrastructure supported the plant’s various processes, as well as its manufacturing line and storage testing facilities, to augment flow and functionality. Eliminating barriers between departments, our design incorporates open and flexible work areas in both the plant and office that are equipped with technology to support reconfiguration as well as growth. Fostering collaboration, the design allows engineering and office staff to easily access and communicate with plant staff.

Health-Centric Spaces for Mixing & Mingling

Health-Centric Spaces for Mixing & Mingling

Separating the plant and office components during the planning phase created a central courtyard amenity area that actually brings employees together who might not otherwise cross paths. This innovative concept allowed for increased daylighting while creating indoor and outdoor dining spaces that serve as a collaborative social hub.

With the migration to a more open and collaborative environment, the new centralized amenities were introduced to increase access to healthy habits and to improve employee engagement and well-being. Amenities include a full-service dining center, a fitness suite, a lounge area and shower rooms with lockers.

Enhancing the Client Experience

Enhancing the Client Experience

As the company provides client tours and welcomes customers to remain on-site for product testing and training, it was important to design a facility where their clients feel welcome, at home, and impressed. Our customer-centric design includes a client entry and drop-off, a customer lounge, an open mezzanine overlook that gives clients a birds-eye view of the plant floor, and factory-authorized testing rooms that are accessible to amenity and outdoor spaces.
Reinforcing Company Culture & Collaboration

Reinforcing Company Culture & Collaboration

Prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics, the new regional office and manufacturing facility positions the company to deliver even more innovative solutions in an environment that strengthens their culture and collaborative spirit, while promoting well-being and productivity.



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