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The Glue That Holds Us Together: Recognizing Our Administrative Professionals
April 21, 2021

Administrative Professionals are the backbone of any organization, helping companies function at the highest capacity. Not only do they support our teams and our leaders, but they’re also the smiling face that is eager and willing to help with anything. …

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Private Practice: Designing Healthcare Spaces that Promote Patient Privacy
April 13, 2021

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a federal law that was created in 1996 to prevent sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the individual’s consent or knowledge. The Act contains five titles, covering issues regarding …

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Seeking Design Intervention: Improving OR Acoustics
April 6, 2021

Beeping. Clanging. Hammering. Drilling. Many surgeries—especially orthopedic and neurologic procedures—produce hazardous noise levels in operating rooms that negatively affect the well-being of staff as well as their job performance and patient outcomes.

Lately, there’s been a lot of “noise” about …

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The Times They Are Slowly a-Changin’: LGBTQ+ at the Turning Point
March 31, 2021

Women’s rights have arguably progressed since the late 1960s when the Virginia Slims’ advertising slogan “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!” became part of America’s pop-culture vernacular.

The now-iconic catchphrase, which was used to market the Phillip Morris Company’s new …

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Women’s History Month Spotlight
March 29, 2021

From well-known trailblazers to unsung heroes, Women’s History Month is dedicated to honoring the women who have paved the path toward change and their collective contributions to our society. This month is an opportunity to reflect on the role of …

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Women in the Workplace: Lessons Learned, Advice and What’s Next
March 22, 2021

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to spotlight the many achievements of women around the world. Across our firm, female architects, engineers and interior designers have played an integral role in building our reputation as an industry leader. As experts …

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Life With Boundaries: Recognizing National Surveyors Week
March 22, 2021

The surveying profession has a rich history. Dating back to the ancient world, Egyptians used a system of measurement based on human anatomy—the length of their arms, palms and fingers—to build one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: …

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Making the Grade: Improving America’s Aging Water Infrastructure
March 22, 2021

We’ve known for some time now that U.S. water infrastructure is aging and, in many cases, in significant need of investment and upgrades. With most of our water treatment and management systems installed in the 1970s, we are approaching the …

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The Next Workplace: The Commons
March 17, 2021

Read the Commons Now


We have all been challenged with significant changes to the way we work in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our work-life balance has never been so acutely juxtaposed and tested with the introduction of expanded remote work practices and …