Design Vision Crafted with Care

At Gresham Smith, we understand the importance of bridging the structure of a building with how it feels and flows from the outside in and inside out. Our Interior Designers don’t take a back seat in this process—they work side-by-side with you to make sure that the overall design vision is accomplished, bringing together style, durability and timelessness. They bring to the table immense care for their craft as well as the people they work with; a strong design vision coupled with the ability to strike the right balance between aesthetic and function. Why does this matter? Because every phase of a project and every space of a building should seamlessly flow together, so that the end result is exactly what you imagined—or better.


We provide creative solutions through a well-rounded set of expertise that is focused on the details without losing sight of the big picture – and your long-term growth.


“We are building a world-class team in Tampa to service the needs of our global client base. Gresham Smith has provided us with office space to match our aspirations. We love coming to work every day in this beautiful, collaborative and highly efficient space.”

Executive Director of the Tampa Center, Baker McKenzie

“The Terminal Lobby Expansion project is a cornerstone of our Destination CLT capital investment program and will support our airport’s growth while maintaining an exceptional passenger experience. Gresham Smith worked collaboratively with us and our stakeholders to understand how to design in a way that was authentic, expressing who we are now as well as where we are going.”

Jack Christine, COO, Charlotte Douglas International Airport

“Our new headquarters propels us forward in this new era, as an innovative company in an efficient space that provides our employees with the spiritual and creative inspiration they need to do their important work. It also renews our commitment to downtown Nashville and contributes to a safer, greener, more walkable urban core. We are very pleased with the timeless space Gresham Smith has created for us.”

Thom S. Rainer, President and CEO, LifeWay Christian Resources

“Our mission is to improve health care by accelerating the seamless flow of information among medical technologies and systems. Interoperability is about enabling the flow of data, and in that same spirit, we wanted our new space to promote smooth movement and connectivity. Gresham Smith introduced design and technology that optimize functionality while also showcasing the art of science and the human care behind it.”

Ed Cantwell, President and CEO, Center for Medical Interoperability

“DOW Electronics is one of Tampa Bay’s top companies in the wholesale distribution industry, and we sought a workspace that reinforced our success and growth. Our goal was to create a bright office environment with open workstations, collaborative spaces and state-of-the-art aesthetics, all in support of productivity and employee/customer satisfaction. Gresham Smith worked closely with us to bring our vision to reality, and we are very pleased with the final result.”

Carol Yodzis, Owner and Managing Partner, DOW Electronics

“At the center of campus, it serves as an ideal, multipurpose area that is distinctly Vanderbilt in its function and appearance. It clearly demonstrates our efforts to provide students with the educational, organizational and lifestyle spaces they need to excel.”

Bob Grummon, Architect, Vanderbilt University