Development with Community in Mind

We excel at placemaking and creating eclectic, walkable developments that speak to the character of the surrounding neighborhood. Our extensive experience in retail, office, hospitality and residential design leads to spaces that appeal to the customers, guests and communities they serve. We carefully consider each project’s unique requirements, understanding that cost-effectiveness, efficiency and functionality matter as much as aesthetics, materials, context and culture. We are committed to increasing your return on investment, equally benefiting you and the people who experience your space.


We provide creative solutions through a well-rounded set of expertise that considers the entire landscape of any project.


“As Nashville’s rapid growth continues, we recognize that the most successful communities have a complete mix of uses including residential, office and retail. Gresham Smith’s design insight, as well as their knowledge of walkable, mixed-use projects and rezoning regulations, has been invaluable throughout the planning and design process. They’ve been able to collaborate with the city and marry everyone’s wishes to make the project work.”

David W. Creed, Creed Investment Company

“The completion of 1100 Charlotte Avenue is a significant milestone for the Capitol View development. These offices are in a connected neighborhood that includes many amenities within walking distance, which supports healthier lifestyles and makes a substantial positive impact on quality-of-life for employees and other downtown residents and visitors. Gresham Smith’s design sets the stage for success as Capitol View continues to grow.”

Jeff Haynes, Partner, Boyle Investment Company

“Gresham Smith’s design is perfectly in tune with the high-energy student experience we want to provide. The student commons area and the sales and leasing office are vibrant and fresh with high-quality materials, conveying the professionalism of the services we provide to students while maintaining the modern, casual environment that defines our properties. The firm has added a great deal of value to our Charlotte apartments by working hard to understand both our company’s goals and the wishes of our renters.”

Rachel Kihn, Vice President, University House Communities

“With Gresham Smith’s striking and modern design, we are showcasing pride in our community and providing a highly valuable facility for Oldham County’s residents and visitors. From the La Grange Railroad & Bluegrass Festival Model Train Show to the ‘Arts on CityPlace’ event to the premiere of the Hallmark movie, ‘The Ultimate Legacy,’ CityPlace has proven to be a dynamic site for many different types of events and has been exceptionally well-received by the public. We are looking forward to a busy 2016 and many more years of success.”

Karen Greenwell, CityPlace