Our ESG Framework

Our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) framework serves to define and measure the impact that we are having on our people, our clients and partners, our communities and our surrounding physical and social environments. Our ESG approach also dovetails with our strategic planning areas of focus: People & Culture, Practice Delivery, Clients and Business Outcomes. Underpinning our entire approach is our Core Purpose to plan, design and consult to create healthy and thriving communities.



Our environmental focus is rooted in working closely with our clients—advocating responsible stewardship and helping them increase efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts resulting from their operations. Because of our experience and passion, we are uniquely positioned to provide workable, sustainable, healthy and holistic solutions that address both current and future challenges. Across our firm, we also work to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint as we strive to be good stewards of the natural and built environments.


  • Advise our clients on how to reduce carbon emissions as signatories to the AIA 2030 Challenge. Also advise our clients on how to minimize the use of
    harmful chemicals and materials.
  • Provide solutions to help our clients become more resilient to climate change and other environmental challenges.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint and operate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


We engage in activities that create healthy and thriving communities. Our company culture drives what we do, and our Core Values of Commitment, Integrity, Respect and Teamwork are foundational to every interaction we have. Whether it’s working to ensure that each employee feels valued and included while having the opportunity for personal growth and professional development, or whether it’s giving back to the communities we serve, we believe that each of us has the opportunity—and responsibility—to have a positive impact on the lives of those around us.


  • Foster a culture and environment where our employees feel valued, engaged and able to thrive in their careers. Live our Core Values.
  • Advise clients on opportunities to create healthy and thriving
    communities through their projects. Pursue clients and project assignments that align with our core purpose and values.
  • Incorporate community well-being and vitality into our
    architecture, engineering, design and planning solutions.
  • Pursue opportunities as a firm and as individuals to give back
    to the communities we serve by engaging with and supporting
    charitable and civic organizations.


Our Core Values and our firm’s structure, along with our approach to doing business—delivering superior quality to our clients, creating value, and focusing on smart, sustainable growth—are foundational to our firm’s long-term health and stability. The robust systems we have in place are geared toward upholding high standards of integrity, accountability and operational excellence while also providing the agility to adjust to challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.


  • Live our Core Values while governing our partnership with
    a robust set of business policies, procedures and oversight
    that ensure the firm’s long-term health and success.
  • Provide value-added, authentic and workable solutions as a
    trusted advisor to our clients.
  • Maintain strategic focus on smart, sustainable growth
    that ensures the firm’s long-term financial health.