Managing Our Most Life-Sustaining Resource

Safe and reliable drinking water is one of our most precious resources. Providing this requires expertise negotiating changing regulations, aging infrastructure and emerging water technologies. Using our deep knowledge of water treatment, storage and distribution, we address present-day challenges while providing resiliency and flexibility for the future. Through smart planning, we help you design and engineer your water treatment plants and systems as well as manage them in a way that minimizes disruptions to the community. Right-sized and responsive, our teams deliver strategic, creative solutions to provide safe, reliable drinking water.


We provide creative solutions through a well-rounded set of expertise that consider the entire water system.


“Gresham Smith helped the City of Palmetto be proactive in meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for drinking water. Their design allowed the City to safely augment our water system with supply from a neighboring jurisdiction.”

Mayor J. Clark Boddie, City of Palmetto

“One of the most successful things was we stayed on-line the whole time. All of these chemicals changed over and we were never in violation—not once. We have got a design for [these plants] that will take us into the future. I can go home and go to sleep at night and not have to worry about it because I know that we’re going to be able to feed the chemicals and feed clean water to the city.”

Glen Doss, Treatment Plant Manager, Metro Water Services

“Gresham Smith initiated workshops for the Water Treatment System Master Planning (Electrical Substation and distribution system, Raw Water Pumping Station, Advanced Treatment, Clearwell, High Service, Backwash Pumping, and future 25 MGD expandable to 100 MGD Membrane water treatment plant).  The workshops brought Metro Water Services and Gresham Smith together as a team, got us all on the same page, and led us to consensus on how we would solve today’s and future water treatment issues.”

Gilbert Nave, Assistant Director of Water Operations, Nashville Metro Water Services