February 19, 2019

Name: Jaime Abreu, P.E.

Current Title: Senior Water Resources Engineer

Office Location: Miami

Years at Gresham Smith: 2


In honor of National Engineers Week, we’re introducing you to one of our engineers! Meet Jaime Abreu, a senior water resources engineer in our Miami office. When he’s not rocking out on his guitar, this Puerto Rico native is designing water infrastructure that keeps communities healthy and resilient. Keep reading to learn more about Jaime.


Where did you grow up?

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Where did you go to college?

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana


What made you choose your profession?

I guess you could say engineering runs in the family. My uncle is a civil engineer, which initially drew my attention to engineering. My interest was later refined to environmental engineering due to the discussions around our environment, the ozone layer, water quality and more during the early 1990s.


What drew you to Gresham Smith?

I really enjoyed getting to know the Water + Environment team during my interviews and I felt that the firm had a lot of growth potential.



What is your favorite project you’ve worked on while at Gresham Smith and why?

I enjoyed working on the filter backwash treatment systems basis of design report for the Miami-Dade South District Wastewater Treatment Plant. We had limited time to conduct evaluations and samples and prepare the report, but with help from team members in our Alpharetta, Dallas, Nashville and Tampa offices we were able to complete the report on time and provide a vetted, quality product that exceeded the client’s expectations.


What’s your personal motto?

Always have a goal in life, work very hard and pray that it materializes.


Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled and why?

Salamanca, Spain; the food and scenery were breathtaking!


Do you have any hidden talents?

I’ve been a guitar player for about 30 years. I mostly play rock songs.