April 12, 2018

It’s National Architecture Week! To celebrate, we asked some of our architects about their favorite architectural marvel. Check out their answers below!



I really like the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Frank Lloyd Wright has always been one of my favorite architects and this building was the first of his designs that I visited. The museum achieved a fascinating space through a very simple design. Every detail is elegant and worth staring at for a little while!

Tan Zheng, AIA, EDAC
Senior Architect
Shanghai, China



The Pantheon in Rome is my favorite architectural marvel. I had the opportunity to visit while in school and to this day it remains one of the most ethereal, breath-taking spaces I have experienced. Though we don’t design in the classical style anymore, its principles of balance, hierarchy, rhythm and proportion remain key concepts in our architecture vocabulary and in our designs to this day.

Lindsay Hamilton, AIA, LEED AP
Nashville, TN



The Oslo Opera House is up there on my list! The cold marble exterior, combined with the warm wood interior is an interesting combination that has an amazing contrast with the surrounding fjord. I had the pleasure of experiencing it at a time when I was very interested in the idea of public spaces intertwining with semi-private buildings—my thesis was based around this concept. The Opera House does this extraordinarily well, allowing the public to occupy its exterior levels by roaming the large sloping planes while still offering views into the building’s core.

Tim Beecken, AIA
Tampa, FL



My favorite architectural marvel in the United States is the Chrysler Building in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. The Art Deco skyscraper managed to perpetuate a style into a timeless building by providing the perfect blend between an icon and an urban figure. It is elegant, gracious and cosmopolitan all at the same time and will always serve as a symbol of progress, innovation and modernism.

Tania Fiorani, RA
Senior Architect
Fort Lauderdale, FL