February 21, 2019



It’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day! In this Engineers Week edition of The Break Room, we asked some of our female engineers why they’re proud of what they do. Across all of the answers, we noticed a common theme: they’re passionate about using their skills to help others. Check out their responses below!


I am proud of what I do because being a transportation engineer has given me the ability to serve others with the gifts I’ve been given. When people think of professions that serve the community they often think of police officers, doctors, fire fighters, nurses and those working with the public on a personal level. However, being an engineer allows me to use my strengths and talents to help improve transportation facilities, recreational infrastructure, and quality of life for those affected by my projects. Whether I’m trying to solve a problem to make commutes safer or working to make the public right of way more accessible for those who are disabled, the often unseen details are a source of pride for me. I am proud to know that what I do as a transportation engineer is used to serve my community whether it’s recognized or not.

Andrea Cull, P.E.
Transportation Engineer
Louisville, KY



I enjoy paying forward all of the support I’ve received throughout my career. So many wise and successful engineers before me taught me how to mentor others and serve our clients. I am proud to pass on their knowledge and contribute to the future success of our clients and the leaders of tomorrow.

Michelle Wright, P.E.
Industrial Market Vice President
Nashville, TN



As a Senior Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) Engineer, I have the opportunity to apply the latest in transportation technologies to existing roadway facilities to help cities and states better manage their systems. Helping to better the transportation network and being part of cutting edge solutions makes me excited to come to work each day and proud of my contribution to society.

Meredith Cebelak, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Transportation Engineer
Nashville, TN



I am proud to be a civil engineer because good engineering design impacts lives. Whether we are designing residential subdivisions, retail sites or parks, people experience the results of our designs every day. I am proud to be leading a group of people who care about the experiences of their neighbors.

Jessica Lucyshyn, P.E.
Land Planning Market Vice President
Nashville, TN