Gresham Smith Adds Senior Leadership to Innovation Incubator

September 24, 2021

Gresham Smith is excited to announce that Mike Sewell, P.E., LCI, is joining the firm’s Innovation Initiative in a dedicated role as a senior strategist. While he previously served in a number of leadership roles within the Transportation market, this move will allow Sewell to focus more of his time on Studio-X, the firm’s Innovation Incubator.

Previously, Sewell served as a senior engineer and active transportation service line leader, and he is transitioning away from his previous roles to a new position of senior strategist within the firm’s Innovation Initiative.

As senior strategist, he will oversee the development of new tools and services emerging from Studio-X, beginning with the marketing and development of the firm’s award-winning Empathic Data Analytics tool, a patent-pending platform that is redefining our understanding of the human emotional response to the built environment. Over time, he’s expected to take on a broader leadership role over all of Studio-X.

“Mike has already shown tremendous results with the development of the Empathic Data Analytics tool, and I’m thrilled to have him in a dedicated capacity within Studio-X,” said Randy Gibson, Chief Strategy Officer at Gresham Smith. “This announcement reinforces our firm’s commitment to innovation and to our technology-driven approach to investing in new tools and services that reinvent the way we deliver solutions for our clients.”

Sewell will continue to support the Transportation market throughout at least the rest of the year, where he’s already actively marketing the Empathic Data Analytics tool. In his new role, he will report to Keith Besserud, the firm’s Director of Innovation.