Gresham Smith Completes Phase I of South Haven Trunkline Project for Knoxville Utilities Board

December 20, 2018

Gresham Smith is pleased to announce the completion of phase I of the South Haven Trunkline project. The project is part of the Knoxville Utilities Board’s Century II program to replace aging infrastructure and reduce inflow and infiltration in the South Knox sewer basin in Knoxville, Tennessee. The firm provided engineering services for the project, which will support improved service and water quality in the area streams and creeks, and help safeguard the community and watershed health.

The main trunkline runs through a portion of Knoxville’s iconic Dogwood Arts trail and the Island Home neighborhood and adjacent to Fort Loudoun Lake. Significant private property access was required and, thus, great care had to be taken to limit disturbance. The team worked against a tight schedule to replace pipe during the seasonal low lake levels, as controlled by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

“KUB is dedicated to providing a high level of service and demonstrating environmental responsibility. This was a critical and complex project,” commented Dwayne Frye, senior project engineer, Knoxville Utilities Board. “Our previous experiences with Gresham Smith gave us confidence that the team, along with Hurst Construction, would execute this project with care and consideration for the community and landscape.”

The project consisted of almost 6,500 linear feet of gravity sewer and 32 manholes. The team rehabilitated approximately 3,700 feet of sewer with cured-in-place pipe lining, 320 feet through open-cut trenching, and conducted pipe bursting for almost 2,400 feet of trunk sewer.