GS&P-Led Access Study Supports Placemaking Initiative in Northwest Alabama

January 31, 2018

Gresham, Smith and Partners announces the completion of a successful access study for the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments (NACOLG), the City of Sheffield and the City of Tuscumbia. The GS&P project team assessed potential traffic impacts and recommended alternative routes, as well as roadway and intersection improvements, to increase accessibility to Inspiration Landing, a proposed mixed-use entertainment, shopping, event and residential development located along the banks of the Tennessee River that will honor the area’s rich music heritage.

“The data collected during the access study allowed stakeholders to carefully analyze the opportunities and obstacles associated with each corridor leading to Inspiration Landing. The research will be a valuable resource as we continue developing the transportation infrastructure needed to safely and conveniently access the site,” commented Jesse E. Turner, transportation planning program director, NACOLG. “Gresham, Smith and Partners did a great job evaluating each route that services the development site before presenting the optimum solution.”

“Our Birmingham engineers collaborated with colleagues in GS&P’s Tampa office to deliver well-rounded, highly informed recommendations to our clients that we believe will provide safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing access to this high profile development,” commented Blair Perry, P.E., Alabama state transportation leader, Gresham, Smith and Partners. “We enjoyed working with the Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments, as well as the cities of Sheffield and Tuscumbia, to assess the potential traffic impacts related to the Inspiration Landing development.”

GS&P’s project team analyzed projected traffic volumes that the proposed development is expected to generate before studying the existing roadway network and identifying roadway and intersection improvements needed along five alternative access routes to handle the additional traffic generated by Inspiration Landing. GS&P’s team also studied and recommended several sidewalks, bike lanes, and shared-use paths to promote non-vehicular access to the development from downtown Sheffield and Tuscumbia. The team also recommended upgraded street lighting to improve visibility and safety and native trees to enhance the streetscapes. A high-level environmental screening was also conducted to uncover any environmental issues that might affect the ability to construct needed improvements along the proposed access routes.

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