GS&P’s Marc Sauvé to Focus on Future of U.S. Healthcare in Keynote Address

June 13, 2018

Gresham, Smith and Partners announces that Senior Vice President Marc Sauvé, MBA, Lean, will deliver the opening keynote address at the North Carolina Healthcare Engineers Association’s (NCHEA) Connections Symposium on June 15 in New Bern, N.C. The presentation will focus on the future of healthcare facilities and system planning, highlighting how providers can effectively deliver in a constantly changing climate.

“When discussing the future of U.S. healthcare, we have to remember all the major players—providers, health systems, health plans and consumers—and focus on how they can work together to improve the quality of our healthcare system,” commented Sauvé. “By examining the market forces shaping the landscape, as well as the costs associated with our current system, we can develop a game plan for the road ahead. I look forward to discussing the future of U.S. healthcare at this year’s NCHEA Connections Symposium.”

A summary of the keynote follows.

The Solidification and Final Destination of American Healthcare
Presentation by Marc Sauvé, MBA, Lean

The final destination of America’s healthcare system is vividly clear. As the transformation  continues, a myriad of market forces are reshaping the landscape into tomorrow’s delivery system. Both parties can no longer hide the costs driven by corporate greed and industry shenanigans. The acceleration of mergers and acquisitions will not counter the end of top line growth; new infrastructure deployment strategies must be customized to individual market dynamics. This presentation visually quantifies healthcare’s money streams over the last 50 years for a deeper understanding of our national debt and how it is affecting our healthcare system.