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Freight Planning on a Local Level: Atlanta Area Freight Cluster Plans
December 14, 2020
There’s an old saying in the trucking industry: “We deliver everything but babies.” And to a certain extent, that is…
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I Thought I Knew But I Didn’t Know: Design Equity & Acknowledging the Blind Spots
December 8, 2020
When my wife, Kelly, was on maternity leave following the birth of our daughter, Harper, I thought I understood how…
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Using Technology to Design Better and Safer Spaces
November 23, 2020
At Gresham Smith, designing safer environments is a huge priority for our Transportation group—whether it’s safer streets for pedestrians and…
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Short Medians: An Innovative Solution for Making Florida’s Roads Safer
November 23, 2020
Florida has one of the highest pedestrian death rates in the nation, making roadway safety a top priority for the…
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Shifting Gears During COVID-19: An Active Transportation Response for Car-Dependent Cities
November 23, 2020
Our transportation networks are the lifeblood of our cities. With each pulse, they exist to support the safe and efficient…
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The Break Room: What was the most important lesson you learned during your time in the service that influences you today?
November 10, 2020
Veterans Day is about honoring the sacrifice of the brave service members who proudly served in our nation’s armed forces….
What the United Way Means to Us
September 30, 2020
The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the needs of those struggling to obtain quality education, eat a…