Walmart, the largest retailer and private employer in the world, was in the process of doubling the number of its 150 Neighborhood Market stores to significantly increase its presence across the country. With an aggressive schedule in place, it was essential the mega-company procure a planning and design team capable of providing services for a wide range of store types and locations.

In 2000, Gresham Smith became an approved civil consultant for Walmart. For almost two decades, we have been actively involved in the investigation of nearly 100 properties ranging in size from 4 to 85 acres for Neighborhood Markets, Sam’s Club stores and Walmart Supercenters throughout the mid-South region.


Walmart Stores, Inc.


Nashville, Tennessee


Gresham Smith's first year with Walmart


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So, What Exactly Do We Do?

So, What Exactly Do We Do?

Our engineers and planners work with Walmart-approved real estate brokers in virtually all aspects of due diligence exercises to determine if a particular property is suitable for development. We provide conceptual layouts that optimize the use of the land, and then further those ideas into a preferred concept plan and probable cost for construction.

We also provide the retail giant with as-necessary support by facilitating the rezoning of property, conducting neighborhood meetings, seeking approvals through appropriate governmental agencies, and developing construction plans and all necessary approvals for the construction process.




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Mike Hunkler, P.E., LEED AP
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