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As surveyors, our commitment lies in the precise and efficient acquisition of data. This allows us to produce top-quality deliverables for our end users, encompassing both external projects and those brought to life by our multidisciplinary design teams. By striking a balance between traditional surveying methods and advanced technology, we deliver thoughtful and comprehensive road maps for both large and complex projects, as well as small-scale ventures.

Utilizing ALTA and boundary surveys for clarity of property boundaries, and topographic surveys to inform landscape-oriented design, our survey team provides an accurate picture of a site, minimizing the risk of costly errors. By leveraging technologies like LiDAR, GPS and Photogrammetry, we produce rich deliverables that serve as the foundation for a project’s success. Across residential, healthcare, industrial and mixed-use developments, our expertise allows us to maximize each site’s potential, with our survey team laying the groundwork for a project’s successful realization.


Durham Farms
Elam Farms FedEx Ground Processing Facility
Fifth + Broadway
Heritage Landing
Baptist Health Care Brent Lane Campus