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Numerous studies reinforce the relationship between the built environment and patient outcomes. At Gresham Smith, our Research & Insights team collaborates closely with our designers and engineers to employ the Evidence-Based Design process, using the best available research—and conducting our own—to design a more effective healing environment.

Whether a healthcare provider aims to reduce stress for improved patient outcomes or seeks to increase operational efficiencies for staff, our team focuses on the people at the center of the problem to be solved. From reviewing literature, conducting in-depth interviews, leading design-thinking sessions and mapping behavior to running quantitative and qualitative research studies and post-occupancy evaluations, we have the tools to deliver research-driven, evidence-based design solutions that benefit health systems, care providers and patients alike.


UF Health North Nurse Respite Research Study
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital ICU Sensory Stress Research Study
Operating Room Acoustics Research Study
Impact of Multi-Sensory Environments on Veterans with Dementia Research Study
Florida Hospital Waterman Patient Visibility and Satisfaction Study
Cookeville Regional Medical Center Emergency Department Optimization Study