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Beyond quenching our thirst, the provision of safe and reliable drinking water plays a pivotal role in safeguarding public health and well-being, serving as a catalyst for thriving and resilient communities. Maintaining this vital resource isn’t just a drop in the bucket; it involves navigating evolving regulations, aging infrastructure, developing climate impacts, emerging water technologies, and changeable public perception and interest. Through smart planning, we partner with our clients in the design and engineering of essential infrastructure—from selecting source water to employing both traditional and advanced treatment methods, all the way to storage and distribution. Our innovative approaches not only address current challenges but also establish resiliency and flexibility for the future, making sure that communities have access to clean and safe drinking water for years to come.


FC Cincinnati Water Main Replacement
Cumberland City Low Transmission Water Main
Metro Water Services – Chemical Feed Upgrades
K.R. Harrington Water Treatment Plant – Electrical Building and Switchgear Replacement
City of Atlanta Wastewater Master Plan Update
U.S. Highway 280 Emergency Design and Construction
K.R. Harrington Water Treatment Plant Flood Recovery and Assessment
The Water Tower Global Innovation Hub