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It’s no secret that airports are major producers of carbon emissions. From the airplanes and terminal buildings to luggage and supply trucks, ground transportation and more, it’s easy to assume that little can be done since all these components are vital to airport operations. Luckily, that’s not the case.

Our sustainability and resiliency experts have experience reducing the impact of the built environment, as well as developing strategies that enable quick recovery from man-made and natural disruptions. We’ve helped airports navigate Airports Council International’s Carbon Accreditation Program and other green building certifications, commissioned new aviation facilities to enhance energy efficiency, assessed and designed infrastructure to withstand climate events, and even conducted climate-risk assessments to prepare for the inevitable rainy day.


City of Phoenix Aviation Department – Sustainability Program Management and Consulting
Dallas Love Field (DAL) – Airport Carbon Accreditation Consulting
Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) – Climate Adaptation and Resiliency
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) – Terminal Lobby Expansion
ACRP Report 147: Climate Change Adaptation Planning: Risk Assessment for Airports
ACRP Report 125: Balancing Airport Stormwater And Bird Hazard Management