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Food and beverage/FDA-regulated projects are inherently unique, tailoring themselves to the client, the product, and the individual recipes and processes involved. This uniqueness is a key factor that sets apart a granola bar, cosmetic product or pharmaceutical medication from its competitors. Unlike other industrial markets that assemble parts and pieces from various suppliers, the food & beverage/FDA-regulated industry resembles a baking recipe—precise ingredients in specific portions, baked in a pre-heated oven at the exact temperature for a defined duration. This distinctiveness means that, despite similar operations, each project in this sector stands on its own.

Recognizing this characteristic, Gresham Smith places significant focus on the delivery and execution of the design and construction process. This emphasis is complemented by our depth of project management delivery experience, our technical proficiency in adhering to good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards and guidelines, and the strategic use of technology to create sustainable and resilient facilities. We apply this approach to every project we deliver, including those involving cold storage with automated storage/retrieval systems (ASRS), pharmaceutical and consumer products, environments requiring tight humidity control and clean room spaces for controlled environment agriculture (CEA), as well as alternative protein projects.


Blue Bell Creameries Broken Arrow Wastewater Pretreatment Facility
Schwan Cosmetics USA – Corporate & Production Headquarters
Coquí RadioPharmaceuticals Corporation – Medical Isotope Production Facility