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Designing streetscapes and plazas is more than an aesthetic endeavor— it’s about creating connections and enhancing a city’s unique vibrancy, while adding high-performance landscapes to elevate sustainability and resilience.

Our experience is a testament to this, ranging from civic plazas and urban pocket parks to Complete Street streetscapes. Our landscape architects and civil engineers collaborate to create versatile designs that cater to each community and client, including the nationally acclaimed Town Branch Commons, the award-winning Fifth Third Center Plaza and the distinctive New Albany Town Hall Plaza and Promenade. These spaces extend beyond their aesthetic appeal by improving pedestrian safety, stimulating active lifestyles, promoting social connection, encouraging cultural expression, and attracting businesses and tourism to stimulate local economies.

Additionally, our multidisciplinary team’s engagement with the community uncovers new perspectives and opportunities to reimagine public and private spaces. By navigating the complexities of urban environments and infrastructure, we design streetscapes and plazas that cultivate a sense of place and embody a commitment to connectivity, diversity and inclusion.


Parkland Plaza
Fifth Third Center Plaza
Town Branch Commons
New Albany City Hall Promenade and Plaza
Phoenix Park
University of Louisville — J.D. Nichols Campus Plaza
Muhammad Ali Arts, Culture and Innovation District Master Plan – THE BLVD
City of Roswell East Alley Revitalization