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More than just a design firm, we offer a wide range of consultancy services, where we support our clients in the achievement of their goals—whether that is identifying and securing funding for studies and projects, project planning and program management, evaluating and improving existing processes, or alleviating those pain points within our clients’ organizations. Our mission is to enable our clients to accomplish their goal by being a reliable, expert partner that can assist with a variety of services, including grant writing, program management, project controls, construction management and staff augmentation.

We partner with project and program owners, municipal agencies, tribal organizations, and utility districts as they develop and implement their capital improvement programs. Our ability to act as an expert extension of our client’s teams, tapping into an array of resources and methods, maximizes the delivery of our client’s programs, minimizes risk, maximizes efficiency, while saving money and time. In short, our work is about problem-solving at the highest level and ensuring our client’s success in a rapidly changing environment.


Grant Writing Services
Georgia DOT Traffic Operations and Safety Program Management
City of Helena Consulting Services
Tuscaloosa Regional Traffic Management Center Staffing & Operations