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Although the management of wastewater is primarily driven by concerns for public health and environmental preservation, it’s crucial to recognize wastewater as a valuable resource with opportunities for recycling, reuse and resource recovery. Gresham Smith takes a holistic approach to the entire scope of wastewater management—from the evaluation and design of collection and pumping systems to rehabilitation efforts. Our expertise extends to the design and testing of innovative treatment systems and processes to meet the most stringent discharge and reuse requirements, while maximizing the capture of valuable biogas and nutrient resources.

We take pride in our forward-thinking approach, blending proven and cutting-edge technologies to address even the most complex wastewater challenges. Tackling aging infrastructure within a rapidly-evolving regulatory environment demands a customized approach for our clients. That’s why we prioritize not only addressing current needs, but also proactively anticipating and accommodating future regulatory requirements, population growth, future system capacity, resiliency factors and treatment demands within your system.

Our methodology is distinguished by the integration of plant operations experience with practical, tailored design. Whether it’s executing comprehensive collection system master planning and design, engineering complex pumping systems, or creating state-of-the-art treatment facilities, our expertise spans the entire spectrum of wastewater solutions nationwide. Yet, what truly sets us apart is our client-centric approach, facilitating the delivery of solutions that are not only customized but also sustainable and cost-effective, meeting the unique demands of your wastewater needs.


Guam Waterworks Authority – Route 3 Interceptor Rehabilitation
RM Clayton Water Reclamation Center Headworks/Screening Improvements
Fulton County – Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility Upgrades
Piedmont Atlanta Hospital Water Reclamation and Reuse System
City of Memphis Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation Program (SARP 10) Program Management
F. Wayne Hill WRC On-Call Program
Queen City Avenue Sewer Separation – Lick Run Watershed
Lower Big Haynes Creek Gravity Sewer, Force Main and Pump Station