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The management of water and wastewater in industrial settings presents distinct challenges. These include balancing costs and water availability with investing in water reuse, complying with stringent local and federal wastewater discharge requirements, implementing water supply and wastewater treatment solutions within an accelerated construction critical path—and more. Leveraging our firmwide expertise in designing industrial facilities and our knowledge of manufacturing processes, we offer a unique perspective based on reliable performance and compliance. Our approach focuses on optimizing cost, schedule and operability, while maximizing total water resource value and resiliency for our Industrial clients.

We specialize in working with our clients to develop on-site systems for the full treatment or pretreatment of industrial water and wastewater at the site. With expertise in areas such as process wastewater treatability analysis, industrial water reuse, metals removal and the management of deicer-impacted stormwater and manufacturing wastewater streams, our comprehensive range of services includes planning, alternatives analysis and regulatory compliance support. This extends to design, construction-phase support and negotiations with publicly owned treatment works. Drawing from extensive experience, we provide valuable insights into water and wastewater management, catering to diverse industrial sectors such as food and beverage, metals manufacturing, and EV and Lithium-ion battery manufacturing.

At the core of our unique approach is a deep understanding of our clients’ operations and processes, crucial in the realm of industrial water management. Recognizing the unique and fast-paced challenges presented by our Industrial clients, our understanding facilitates the seamless integration of new systems, including water reuse, facilitating easy operation for on-site staff post-implementation. With over two decades of experience navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape in industrial water and wastewater management, we not only assist clients in achieving crucial environmental compliance, but also provide peace of mind for the smooth and successful operation of facilities.


Piedmont Atlanta Hospital Water Reclamation and Reuse System
Blue Bell Creameries Broken Arrow Wastewater Pretreatment Facility