Gresham Smith and Brasfield & Gorrie Selected for Progressive Design-Build Equalization Station Projects

Infrastructure Will Reduce Sanitary Sewer Overflows, Support Future Development in Chattanooga

The progressive design-build team of Gresham Smith and Brasfield & Gorrie is excited to announce that it has been selected to design and construct two new wet weather equalization (EQ) stations and improve interceptor sewer lines for the City of Chattanooga Wastewater Department.

The projects, which are being completed as the first phase of the City’s Environmental and Economic Infrastructure Improvements (e2i2) portion of “Clear Chattanooga,” the City’s Sewer Overflow Abatement Program, will reduce the occurrence of sanitary sewer overflows during heavy rain events and add capacity to increase reliability and accommodate Chattanooga’s future growth and development.

“Mitigating sewer overflows during storm events is crucial for not only promoting the well-being of the local community, but also for safeguarding the local environment and nearby Tennessee River,” said Craig Parker, P.E., Senior Vice President at Gresham Smith. “Our team is excited to collaborate with the City, its program manager and partner firms to implement infrastructure solutions that will support Chattanooga’s development for years to come.”

“At Brasfield & Gorrie, we’re passionate about building strong communities,” said Vice President and Division Manager Ben Harris. “It’s easy to see the positive effect this project will have on the community it serves, and we’re honored to be involved in this effort.”

Located along South Lee Highway and West Chickamauga, the new EQ stations will consist of above grade prestressed concrete EQ tanks, which will store approximately 10 million gallons (MG) and 30 MG, respectively, as well as a wet weather diversion structure and an EQ pump station. Additionally, at the South Lee Highway location, the team will increase sewer capacity, including a segment almost one mile long that currently traverses an industrial park, Friar Branch stream and crosses I-75.

The project team also includes program manager Jacobs, as well as Croy Engineering, Terracon Consultants, Barge Design Solutions and JDS.