Gresham Smith Engineers Cameron Traylor and Caleb Wilson to Speak at Alabama-Mississippi Water Conference

Presentation Will Spotlight Stormwater Infrastructure Solutions that Increase Resiliency

Event Date

Gresham Smith is proud to announce that Senior Engineer Cameron Traylor, P.E., and Engineer Caleb Wilson, P.E. will present at the Alabama – Mississippi Water Joint Annual Conference on April 4, 2023 in Mobile, Alabama. Their presentation will discuss how engineers can use weather data to design resilient stormwater infrastructure solutions to weather changing climate conditions.

A summary of the presentation is below.


A Flood of Data — Resilient Stormwater Design for Evolving Storms

A balancing act between our desire to shape the environment to suit human purpose and the escalating impact of infrastructure development, stormwater management in urban areas is a fundamental part of designing a healthy community. In a time when the frequency and intensity of weather events varies drastically, how do engineers design stormwater assets that will weather the storm? During this presentation, Cameron Traylor and Caleb Wilson will share how engineers utilize what are known as “design storms,” hypothetical storms that occur at a given frequency, duration, and intensity, to design right-sized, resilient infrastructure.


More information and a full conference schedule can be found online here.