Gresham Smith Healthcare Experts Discuss Noise Reduction in Operating Rooms

Healthcare Design Magazine Article Highlights Study Conducted by Healthcare Research and Insights Team

Noise levels in a hospital operating room (OR) can reach up to 120 decibels (dB)—the equivalent of a siren or a loud rock concert—and can negatively impact staff well-being and performance. Many studies on OR noise have been conducted, but design best practices on reducing noise have not yet been established. To address this void, Gresham Smith’s Research & Insights team evaluated multiple OR scenarios to identify design solutions that lower noise intensity in these environments.

In the latest issue of Healthcare Design Magazine, Healthcare Director of Research and Insights Lesa Lorusso, Ph.D., MBA, MSArch, Design Researcher Dagmar Rittenbacher, MID, CKBD, and Senior Architect Margaret Sutton, AIA, LEED AP, highlight the study and their findings. Check out the article, entitled “Minimizing Noise In Hospital Operating Rooms,” online here.