Gresham Smith Selected to Complete City of Jackson Stormwater Condition Assessment and Master Plan

Infrastructure Planning Will Help City Prepare for Future Rain Events, Accommodate Population Growth

Gresham Smith is excited to announce that the firm has been selected to conduct a stormwater condition assessment and create a stormwater master plan for the City of Jackson, Tennessee. The firm has been tasked with evaluating Jackson’s stormwater infrastructure inside the city limits south of the South Fork of the Forked Deer River and developing a master plan for the Cane Creek Basin and Bond Creek Basin.

The condition assessment will consist of identifying and inventorying the components of the City of Jackson’s current stormwater system in the study area to create a detailed database of stormwater conveyance piping and structures, as well as a condition rating of each component and more. This information will then be used to make recommendations for rehabilitation.

To create the master plan, the firm will conduct a land survey to collect pipe and structure data on the closed system, as well as capture cross sections of the open channels in the study area.  Then, a hydrologic and hydraulic model will be developed and used to analyze the impacts of various storm events. Gresham Smith will then determine what improvements should be made to the City of Jackson’s stormwater system to avoid flooding, as well as the cost of those improvements and their long-term benefits.

“A robust and fully functioning stormwater infrastructure system is vital to the long-term health of any community,” said Senior Water + Environment Engineer Justin Avent, P.E. “These long-lasting infrastructure improvement recommendations will enhance the City’s ability to respond to rain events and its future growth. Gresham Smith is proud to have the opportunity to partner with the City of Jackson on this important project.”

The condition assessment is expected to take about four months to complete, which will be immediately followed by the creation of a hydrologic and hydraulic model and the master plan.