Gresham Smith Selected to Create Comprehensive Wastewater Master Plan for the City of Grand Prairie

Right-Sized Public Sewer Infrastructure Will Accommodate Texas City’s Population Growth

Gresham Smith is excited to announce that the firm has been selected to create an update to its Wastewater Master Plan for the city of Grand Prairie, Texas to meet the growing community’s capacity needs, while also addressing the current condition of its sewer infrastructure. The project will consist of four phases: research and data assembly, model build and analysis, application of the plan to the city’s Capital Improvement Program, and finally, implementation.

The initial data assembly phase will address new limits to the city’s service area, the capacity and the condition of the current wastewater system and identify where improvements need to be made to meet future needs because of the growing population. During the Model Build Analysis, the firm will create a hydraulic model of the existing wastewater collection system, incorporating population projections for the next five, ten, and 20 years, which will allow the team to assess capacity needs.  Additionally, the existing infrastructure will be evaluated for risks associated with its continued delivery of acceptable service levels. In the application and implementation phases, a report of the recommended improvements to sewer infrastructure and, the associated costs, supported by a risk management assessment will be submitted to the city.

“As the needs of the city of Grand Prairie are consistently evolving, and will continue to develop over the next several years, it is imperative that our firm delivers an innovative, long-lasting solution for their public sewer infrastructure that enhances the City’s resilience to respond to its continued growth,” said Water + Environment Senior Project Manager Wayne Hunter, P.E. “With recently approved federal infrastructure funding, this plan will provide the city the tools to consider infrastructure investments where it will provide the best benefit.”

Gresham Smith previously provided the city of Grand Prairie with a wastewater service plan for two city parks and multiple residential and commercial developments in Grand Prairie, as well as a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative plan update.