Gresham Smith Selected to Design Carr Creek Interceptor Replacement in Springfield, Tennessee

New Infrastructure will Provide a Positive Long-Term Solution for Future Development and Expansion

Gresham Smith is excited to announce that the firm has been selected to design the Carr Creek interceptor sewer replacement for the city of Springfield, Tenn. This project will provide long-term solutions and increased sewer capacity for future residential and commercial development. Gresham Smith will provide professional, technical, and support services for design.

The Carr Creek interceptor sewer replacement project consists of replacing and upsizing approximately 13,500 linear feet of the interceptor sewer. The current system, already optimally located, will remain in place after being capped to provide the opportunity to connect to the new system when further capacity is needed in the future. Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) modeling software will be used for sewer system modeling.

“We have worked with the City of Springfield since 2012, helping them strengthen their wastewater infrastructure,” said Senior Water + Environment Engineer Mike Burgett, P.E. “We are fortunate to continue that relationship with the design of a new 24-inch diameter sewer to replace the City’s existing 18-inch diameter Carr Creek Interceptor. We feel that this project will greatly benefit the city by increasing conveyance capacity to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and providing for future growth in the southern part of the City. This will benefit Springfield for many years to come.”

Gresham Smith will also work closely with the state to protect nearby wetlands and any cultural or historical artifacts that may be found during construction.