Gresham Smith Selected to Provide Standby Engineering Support for Various Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Projects in Fulton County

Projects Seek to Boost Investment in Historically Underdeveloped Areas, Optimize System Operations

Gresham Smith is proud to announce that the Fulton County Public Works Department has selected the firm to provide on-call assistance for various water and wastewater infrastructure projects. Gresham Smith has received four task orders from the county so far, including a preliminary design for two new pump stations, a transient analysis and staff augmentation for the County’s development plan review program.

Located in the southern part of Fulton County, two new pump stations are being designed with the intent of promoting and serving development, including schools, residential and commercial projects, in historically underserved areas. The team will use a progressive design-build approach for collaborative delivery and will size the pump stations to accommodate population growth for the next 30 years.

“Gresham Smith is excited to partner with Fulton County on this very important project, which will enhance economic development and opportunity for all residents in Georgia’s capital area,” said Water + Environment Vice President Giny Jacob, P.E. “With innovative design strategies and careful planning, our firm will bring forward-thinking practices to prepare the county for the future. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far in our long-standing, successful partnership and know there is more to come.”

The transient analysis includes a phased approach to identify where surges in water distribution are occurring. Optimizing system operations and coordinating the booster pump stations, treatment plants and sewer lines will upgrade existing infrastructure while saving time and money.

Acting as an extension of the staff at the Fulton County Public Works Department, Gresham Smith staff is assisting the department in reviewing proposed development plans, confirming they comply with county standards and improving relationships with property developers. With the health and safety of the public in mind, the program will assess all public water utilities to evaluate their viability in anticipation of the incoming population growth.