Gresham Smith’s Ben Luke to Speak at KY/TN Water Professionals Conference

Presentation will Highlight Grit Removal System Design and Technologies

Event Date

Gresham Smith is proud to announce that Ben Luke, P.E., a water resource engineer in the firm’s Water + Environment market, is set to present at the KY/TN Water Professionals Conference (WPC) on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, in Memphis, Tenn. This presentation will overview the basics of grit removal system design, current available technologies and trends and best design practices in grit conveyance, pumping, disposal, water supply, operator access and water supply.  Case studies where these measures have been implemented will also be shared and discussed.

A summary of the presentation is below.

Getting the Grit Out: Grit Removal Design Considerations and Lessons Learned

Grit removal systems at water resource recovery facilities are often overlooked, neglected, or undersized. Grit removal systems serve to reduce the amount of inorganic particles in the waste stream. These grit particles, which can be comprised of sand, glass, concrete and asphalt fragments, and countless other materials, can wreak havoc on downstream processes by causing premature wear to mechanical equipment such as mixers or pumps, collecting in aeration basins or solids processes, and clogging pipes. How these technologies and equipment are implemented and interconnected in the design process is critical to a successful and operations-friendly grit removal system.

More information on WPC can be accessed online here.