Gresham Smith’s Water + Environment Market Wins Multiple Contracts in Cincinnati

MSDGC Selects Firm to Provide Sewer Improvement and Separation Services for the City

Gresham Smith is proud to announce that the firm has been selected by Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC) to provide sewer improvement and separation services for multiple projects in the city.

The firm will provide planning, design and construction phase services for three projects, including Madison Road and Edwards Road sewer improvements located in the Hyde Park area, along with Wayside Avenue and Colter Avenue sewer improvements and CSO 182 strategic sewer separation, both located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood.

The Madison Road and Edwards Road sewer improvements project will entail an evaluation of approximately 4,100 linear feet of combined sewer to address the remediation of approximately 30 existing sewer segments. CIPP replacement or lining of these segments will improve the structural integrity of the pipes, reduce the risk rating, and prolong the useful life of the sewer.

The Wayside Avenue and Colter Avenue sewer improvements will replace and upsize approximately 3,000 linear feet of existing sanitary sewer and address inconsistent pipe sizes in the system and eliminate hydraulic bottlenecks in critical areas where capacity is constrained.

Lastly, the CSO 182 strategic sewer separation project will separate approximately 3,500 linear feet of combined sewer and create a new outfall into a local stream. During the planning phase, the Gresham Smith team will evaluate the project area to determine additional sewer separation opportunities.

“Gresham Smith is excited to continue working with MSDGC on improvements to their sanitary and storm sewer system,” commented Water + Environment VP Katie Nolan, P.E. “The health and safety of our community is our highest priority and we will work closely with our partners at MSDGC to find the best solutions from an environmental, economic and social standpoint.”