Baptist Health of Northeast Florida


Jacksonville, FL




Architecture, Interior Design

Situated in the upscale urban retail center of St. John’s Town Center, Baptist Emergency at Town Center offers full-service adult emergency care as well as specialized emergency services for children provided by Wolfson Children’s Hospital. The second such facility Gresham Smith has designed for Baptist Health of Northeast Florida, this 17,000-square-foot, 24-hour freestanding emergency department offers a level of care beyond that of a typical urgent care clinic or physician’s office, bringing much-needed emergency services for children and families to a growing community.

Acknowledging its proximity to high-end shopping and the University of North Florida, Gresham Smith designed the building to provide a retail experience that appeals to busy families and students alike. Transparent glazing allows unobstructed views of both pediatric and adult waiting areas from the outside, projecting a sense of openness and convenience. A solid feature wall in Baptist’s signature shade of blue provides a striking backdrop and serves as a distinguishing architectural element.

an adult waiting room

Inside the building, the adult and pediatric units each have a distinct look and feel that caters to their patient demographics. The children’s center features colorful ocean-themed interiors to create a welcoming atmosphere and reduce patient stress. The design of the adult unit highlights the high-quality materials and stylish details present throughout the building. Sixteen beds are divided equally between each unit in separate pods connected by a single, centralized nurse station that allows staff to serve both units with ease and efficiency.

a nurse holding an infant on an exam room bed