Baptist Health South Florida


Miami, FL




Architecture, Interior Design, Experiential Design and Wayfinding

When Baptist Health South Florida sought to increase access to high-quality healthcare for Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade County residents, the organization called on Gresham Smith. Building upon our longstanding relationship with the healthcare system, we designed a 112,000-square-foot multi-disciplinary medical complex in Plantation, Florida. With a focus on prioritizing the patient experience, offering state-of-the-art care, and creating flexibility for the future, the new outpatient facility provides convenient care for the tri-county community.

square feet
operating rooms

Since the facility houses many different specialties, including a oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, spine care, urgent care, primary care, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, and ambulatory surgery, it was imperative that we provide a flexible floor plan. While each suite is customized to the tenant, the entire building is designed to adapt for future use—it can even be converted into a micro-hospital at a later date. Our team located mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems on the side of the building, rather than in each suite, so future renovations will require less re-engineering.

exterior of the medical office building

Working against an accelerated timeline, we used tilt-up construction to streamline the process. Our team emphasized the Baptist Health brand by embedding the logo on the façade. Additionally, color-changing exterior lights increase visibility from the adjacent interstate, while modern metal panels and curtain wall glazing reflect the high-quality care patients can expect to receive inside.

elevator bank signage
waiting room

Inside, Color and tile patterns not only provide visual interest, but they also aid in wayfinding. The facility’s neutral, warm palette is accentuated with pops of blues and greens. Each floor has a specific color scheme to aid with wayfinding and tile patterns provide visual interest.

equipment inside operating room