Beechwood Park Master Plan

  • Jonathan D. Henney

    Jonathan D. Henney AICP, ASLA

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Louisville, KY
Friends of Beechwood Park/Brian Caudill

Tyler Park in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. In contrast to its Victorian mansions, a vacant lot overrun by invasive plants had become a safety concern and an eyesore for local residents. In 2015, a group of neighbors launched a grassroots effort to transform the undeveloped 1-acre property into a “pocket park” featuring a diverse array of programming and gathering spaces that could be enjoyed by the community. The nonprofit organization, Friends of Beechwood Park, solicited Gresham, Smith and Partners to take their vision for revitalizing the vacant site to the next level.

A Grassroots Community Effort
​Based on both client and community feedback, we developed a conceptual design that reimagines the vacant space in three meaningful and creative areas that respond to both the natural and historical context of the neighborhood. To assist Friends of Beechwood Park in refining their vision, the team developed a series of communication strategies. One such strategy included a virtual reality (VR) campaign to help the nonprofit communicate the design intent to members of the public as well as local political leaders.

By applying creative design techniques and innovative communication tools in a cost-effective manner, Gresham, Smith and Partners helped Friends of Beechwood Park better define their vision, sell the concept, and raise the funding to turn their vision into a reality.
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