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  • Joseph C. Bucci

    Joseph C. Bucci AIA, NCARB

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Jacksonville and Orange Park, FL, U.S.A.
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Cancer Specialists of North Florida (CSNF) has provided quality cancer care to its community for more than 30 years. After growing to eleven locations, CSNF tasked GS&P with designing an easily replicable prototype to serve as its new brand standard with improved operational efficiency, a comfortable and cutting-edge environment, and two footprint options. The 12,100-square-foot AC Skinner and the 17,600-square-foot Fleming Island cancer treatment facilities are the first implementations. Each includes a linear accelerator with the ability to add a second vault, a CT simulator, exam rooms, a procedure room, a laboratory, a modular pharmacy, infusion therapy and staff support spaces. Both were designed with future expansion in mind to accommodate radiation oncology, medical oncology and diagnostic imaging services.

An efficient layout with a sub-wait area adjacent to the lobby requires less seating in the main waiting room, improves the turnaround time for exam rooms, and minimizes backtracking as patients and staff move through the facility. Locating the sub-wait component and exam rooms close to radiation and medical oncology also enhances flow and operational efficiency while saving exam room space. A large, well-lit chemotherapy infusion area lets patients interact during treatment if desired, and a private room is also available. The adjoining modular pharmacy allows patients to watch pharmacy technicians prepare their chemotherapy and other treatments in a glass-walled space with a high-tech, modern look.

Stacked stone and faux wood wrapped around structural steel give the exteriors a universal look and feel of heavy timber construction without the related costs – an aesthetic that can easily translate to different sites across the region. Interior finishes also replicate wood and other natural textures and colors for a warm and soothing ambiance. Natural light and garden views create a comforting environment that reduces stress and supports the healing process.

Passive and active sustainable design best practices were incorporated throughout, starting with a north-south orientation. Expansive glazing on the south side with insulated low-e glass brings in daylight with improved thermal performance, while the roof overhang and light-colored, reflective roofing regulate solar heat gain. Clerestory windows along internal corridors and doors with frosted glass filter additional natural light into the building. LED lighting and room occupancy sensors further improve energy efficiency.

Patient volumes at the A.C. Skinner treatment center exceeded expectations during the first year, averaging more radiation oncology and medical oncology patients per day than any other Cancer Specialists of North Florida treatment center. The client is now investigating additional expansion opportunities and has incorporated GS&P’s sub-wait design concept into existing facilities to improve operational efficiencies.

"CSNF’s new prototype cancer treatment centers deliver an efficient, calming environment that connects patients with nature while they receive high-tech and high-quality care."

Joseph C. Bucci, AIA, NCARB, senior architect at Gresham, Smith and Partners
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