CBRE Group, Inc.


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CBRE Group, Inc., the world’s largest commercial real estate company, is in the business of helping businesses. Translating square feet into strength and property into performance, the firm lands clients in world-class workplaces across the globe. For six projects and counting, CBRE has looked to Gresham Smith to commission their tenant’s workspaces inside newly constructed office buildings. Our commissioning agents test mechanical equipment, such as air terminal units and lighting controls, to certify that the systems were designed, constructed and operated for peak performance, helping enhance energy usage, increase employee comfort and earn credits towards LEED certification.

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Going With the Flow

Some of the simplest HVAC equipment – such as air terminal units –are the most commonly overlooked. However, commissioning allows our team to identify installation issues and recommend repairs before small problems result in big headaches. We’re also able to pinpoint conditions that could lead to over-heating or over-cooling, which helps owners keep energy bills manageable and employees happy.

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Let There be Light

Today’s energy-saving lighting systems promote sustainability for buildings and the environment, however it’s important that automatic and manual shut-off controls, lighting sensors and daylight harvesting controls, are installed and calibrated correctly. Our team observes and tests the lighting control systems in each tenant space, confirming that the system meets the owner’s design and energy usage requirements. Additionally, lighting that works properly reduces glare and minimizes surface brightness, creating a pleasant work environment.

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LEEDing the Way

Since each office space wanted to achieve more than the minimum LEED v4 certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, our team performed enhanced systems commissioning activities related to the owner’s requirements for energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality and durability. By completing enhanced commissioning the tenants earned four credits towards for their LEED certification application.