Center for Medical Interoperability

  • Julie D. Roquemore

    Julie D. Roquemore IIDA, LEED AP

    Senior Interior Designer Contact
Nashville, TN, U.S.A.
Cambridge Holdings, Inc.

GS&P provided interior design services for the Center for Medical Interoperability’s new Nashville, Tenn., headquarters. The 16,000-square-foot, three-suite interior buildout creates a unique experience, showcasing advances in interoperability and fostering technological and interpersonal connectivity among employees and visitors. It includes a healthcare community gathering space with a divisible boardroom and pre-function space, an engineering space featuring a Testing and Certification Lab, a Transformational Learning Center for clinicians, and a collaborative hub for project partners.

GS&P’s design process started with a visioning session, an interactive exercise which encouraged Center employees to visualize their brand and office environment. This process was key to defining the guiding principles which inform all aspects of the project. The team’s design provides an open-office solution with adaptable work settings which include areas for focus and "between spaces" for collaborative touchpoints. The layout facilitates intuitive circulation and features purposeful visual connections for a sense of continuity.

The center’s mission is to improve health care by accelerating the seamless flow of information among medical technologies and systems. In that spirit, GS&P’s design promotes connectivity, flexibility and adaptability, in addition to a focus on wellness and sustainability. A natural, clean, transparent and warm aesthetic features unique materials such as site-sourced wood crafted into screens, wall cladding and tables by a local artisan. The resulting space is memorable and highly functional, showcasing the art of science and the human care behind it.

Showcasing the center’s innovative approach to healthcare technology, GS&P’s contemporary design creates a space that is both memorable and highly functional, while providing flexibility and adaptability as the organization continues to evolve.

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