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Interior Design

The Center for Medical Interoperability is a cooperative research and development lab founded by health systems to simplify and advance data sharing among medical technologies and systems. When the non-profit was ready to establish its startup headquarters and testing and certification lab in Nashville’s oneC1TY development, they tasked Gresham Smith with creating an environment that would not only support and express their mission and vision, but also help them attract and retain top-tier talent. By creating a clear project vision, combining suite for one seamless space and using local materials for a warm, welcoming environment, we created a space that will serve the organization for years to come.

square feet
suites combined into one cohesive space
Center for Medical Interoperability office

Defining Moments

Designing for a startup organization presented us with a challenge: defining something that had previously been undefined. To outline a clear vision for the new center, our design team conducted a visioning session to help employees picture their future brand and office environment. Based on the visioning session, we built our design process around three guiding principles: creating a unique experience for users, fostering connection, and showcasing interoperability. The space was also designed around the key concept of “following the flow of data,” which is vital to interoperability.

Gathering space at Center for Medical Interoperability

One Seamless Space

As the interior buildout planned to occupy three separate suites totaling 16,000 square feet—including major components such as a boardroom and pre-function space, a visitor experience center, an engineering workspace and a collaborative working area for project partners—Gresham Smith designers were challenged with creating a unified space. With some “out-of-the-box” thinking, our team achieved a sense of cohesion by incorporating design features such as glass-to-glass walls where the suites intersect, creating a purposeful connection as well as visual transparency.

Serving as another visual connector, a custom perforation inspired by the pattern of data as seen on vintage computer punch cards was created for a metal ceiling system, which delineates circulation and connects people with the center’s mission. Our team’s open-office solution features adaptable work settings that include areas for focus and “between spaces” that serve as collaborative touchpoints. Break areas and amenity spaces provide places for impromptu gatherings.

Reception desk

A Warm, Welcoming Environment

A natural, transparent and warm aesthetic was created by using local materials, such as site-sourced wood that was thoughtfully crafted into the center’s screens, wall cladding and tables by a local artisan. Reclaimed wood was also used to create a distinctive design accent at the reception desk. The resulting space is memorable and highly functional, showcasing the art of science and the human care behind it.

Showcasing the center’s innovative approach to the future of healthcare technology, Gresham Smith’s contemporary design creates a space that is both memorable and highly functional, while providing flexibility and adaptability for the future as the organization continues to grow and evolve.