Cobb County Department of Transportation


Cobb County, GA


Planning, Traffic Engineering

Gresham Smith developed a countywide comprehensive safety action plan for Cobb County that reflects the guidance and requirements of the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grant program under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Drawing upon the team’s expertise in safety data analysis, project identification and prioritization, and proven success with project implementation, Gresham Smith analyzed crash, demographic and facility data to understand patterns and trends. Specifically, we analyzed historic crash data to identify systemic patterns based on various contributing factors, roadway and other characteristics, and geographic patterns. The plan identifies specific safety needs, high risk locations, risk factors and a range of projects, strategies, and policies for improving safety on Cobb County roadways. The project also includes an equity impact assessment, outreach and engagement of stakeholders including historically underrepresented or disadvantaged communities via a stakeholder committee, focus groups, interviews, and community pop-up events.