Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineering, Planning

Gresham Smith evaluated three locations for this top-five global tire manufacturer’s new plant, advising on transportation access, general suitability, utilities and expected development costs for the proposed facility prior to the client moving forward with a final site selection. Once the site was chosen, the firm developed a best placement of the facility on the site to optimize access and utilization while minimizing development costs. During development of preliminary site plans, Gresham Smith was able to reduce required acreage, improve site circulation, trailer staging and weigh scale function while preserving main gate security, efficiency and safety.

The team also provided design services for the new greenfield tire plant, including civil/site engineering, process utilities, architecture, structural engineering and mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineering. The 1.1 million square-foot facility is programmed to produce passenger tires. Gresham Smith also developed a water system capable of meeting production demands, domestic needs and fire protection with redundancy.