Eldor USA


Daleville, VA




Architecture, Engineering

Based in Orsenigo, Italy, Eldor is one of the world’s largest diversified automotive parts manufacturers, supplying ignition systems, electronic control units, full systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, and e-mobility solutions globally. Eldor called on Gresham Smith to design a new 250,000 square-foot campus for its U.S. headquarters and ignition manufacturing plant. The company invested $75 million for the new advanced manufacturing facility and fully automated production lines, designed and developed in-house.

As one of Eldor’s five manufacturing facilities throughout the world, the new plant will make 150 million pieces per year, which the company can track through photos taken at every step of the cycle. The facility is comprised of two main buildings: a pre-engineered building for molding and production and a conventional steel building that house administrative facilities, including offices, common areas, a cafeteria and a gymnasium. The project also included three secondary buildings: a guardroom, a facility manager building and a storage building.

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