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Cincinnati, OH


Civil Engineering, Water Engineering

While soccer fans cheered the new FC Cincinnati Stadium, it meant Greater Cincinnati Water Works would need to replace and relocate water main that would be displaced by the development. Gresham Smith was selected to design the routing and replacement project, which was exceptionally complex due to connections to very old large diameter water mains and routing to through a highly urbanized, historic downtown area. An aggressive three-and-a-half- month project design schedule, including obtaining all regulatory approvals and permits, was necessary to allow the stadium to open in time for the soccer season. By sweating the details, organizing stakeholders, executing a strong communication plan and collaborating with partners we completed the project on time.

feet of 42-inch prestressed concrete cylinder pipe
month aggressive project design schedule
connections to two existing large diameter mains
Workers seen along the underground pipe route.

A Historic Route Creates Complexities

In the 1800s the Miami and Erie Canal was built to help connect Ohio’s economy with the East Coast. Part of the Canal was built through Cincinnati where a major thoroughfare, Central Parkway, now runs. After the Canal was closed, it was converted to a subway which never opened and was eventually covered by Central Parkway. It was through this storied route, including the subway tunnel and along other busy roads that 1,710 feet of 42-inch diameter prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) connects to two existing large diameter mains including a 112-year old 42-inch cast iron pipe and a 48-inch (circa 1959) PCCP. Numerous utilities were also encountered along the way requiring numerous vertical adjustments and trenchless technology.

Portion of the concrete cylinder pipe being lowered by crane.

It’s a Team Sport

Our recently completed water main replacement/relocation project for the FC Cincinnati Stadium is a perfect example of using our collaborative approach to tackle complex design challenges. The project required engagement of local utilities and project-area stakeholders including Greater Cincinnati Water Works, The Kleingers Group, Turner Construction, Howell Contractors, Thompson Pipe Group, Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering, adjacent property owners like the Cincinnati Music Hall, police station, local high school and others. Our project team organized and led regular design/workshop meetings with stakeholders and executed our communication plan.

Suspended concrete pipe section surrounded by construction cones.

A Score for Soccer Fans and the Community

Working with The Kleingers Group, we served as lead water main design engineer to reroute existing water main from its prior location beneath the new FC Cincinnati Stadium. We completed this major infrastructure project, which would bring a new sports center to the City, in a way that minimized disruptions to the community. Navigating subway tunnels, existing utilities, busy streets and historic areas as well as an array of stakeholders, we kept clean drinking water flowing for the City of Cincinnati.