Georgia Department of Transportation




Traffic Engineering

Gresham Smith provides traffic forecasting services for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), where we work directly with GDOT’s Office of Planning and its internal and external customers to provide professional and technical services to collect, process, and report traffic data, and to develop long-range traffic projections for designated projects throughout the state. Over the past decade, we have delivered several hundred traffic forecasts, often delivering multiple projects at the same time. Each task order we deliver includes scoping projects, coordinating with several GDOT offices, and managing subconsultants and vendors.

Through our work, we have helped streamline GDOT’s traffic forecasting process by developing the design traffic forecasting manual that documents best practices and procedures. We have also been instrumental in training GDOT’s internal and external customers, delivering technical presentations at professional conferences and leading training sessions for users and stakeholders. In addition, we have worked with several offices within GDOT, including the Office of Traffic Operations, Office of Environmental Services, and Office of Materials and Testing to adapt traffic forecasting requirements by right-sizing deliverables to match individual project needs that led to the development of the roundabout traffic tool for pavement design and the Office of Traffic operations’ traffic development tool.